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Beth is a Deva Certified Curl Specialist, the foremost designation in the DevaCurl community.
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Beth Ann knerr

Beth Ann knerr


It is our distinct pleasure to introduce to you Beth Ann Knerr, owner and head stylist at Verve Salon here in Nazareth.  From the beginning, Beth Ann has been driven by a passion seldom matched.  Early in the nineties, she made the decision to walk away from the path she was on, and take a chance.  Of course, that chance was success and the ability to have her own salon.  What she did not question was her desire, passion, or dedication to beauty school.  Some would accuse it being a whim, another perhaps reactionary or a dreamer. 

Beth Ann remembers the first time she set foot in beauty school, “on my college break in ’92, a friend  that later became my instructor”, she says, “absolutely insisted that we take a quick tour of Empire Beauty School”.  Within two weeks’ time, she had dropped her courses at college, and enrolled in beauty school.

Beth quickly learned that even the right path can be difficult, after graduation she started working at Gadzooks as a stylist.  In 1998,  around her busy  stylist schedule, she also went to school for massage therapy, and later worked for an orthopedic practice.

     In 2003, with the money that she had saved, she took the plunge, and opened Verve.  A contemporary salon dedicated to girls that have curly hair.  She, herself, having curly hair took the time to become a Certified  Deva Curl Specialist.  Beth Ann specializes in that niche, catering to women after her own heart, that have curly hair.  The fact that she too has curly hair creates a special bond between stylist and client, and with wonderful product like Deva, this salon is fully committed to having those with beautiful soft waves to tight spiral locks stand out and look their best.

     However, Beth Ann says, “here at Verve it’s not about just my client’s hair, it’s about coming to a salon, and making each person feel beautiful on the inside – and out.  And rest assured, I specialize in curly hair, but we’re delighted to work with everyone.  That’s what I do, that’s what I’ve dedicated my life too.  Give us a call, and come in, experience Verve for yourself.”      

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